Case Study – The Natural Boundary

With over 35 years of experience, the team at Linear Land Surveying has helped thousands of clients with their land surveying needs.

If we had the opportunity to share one piece of surveying advice to everyone, it would be this:

Before purchasing a property, make sure you have a licensed land surveyor review the title and check the boundaries.

We have unfortunately seen many client’s face issues after purchasing a property because they didn’t know the importance of checking a title or surveying the property’s boundaries at the time of purchasing.

Fortunately, we’ve also been able help many client’s prior to purchasing a property. Below is an example of  how engaging a Licensed Surveyor during the purchasing process can be advantageous.

The Case of the Natural Boundary

We love when our clients engage us prior to a purchase. We love it even more when we are instrumental in saving them money! Here is a case study in how engaging a Licensed Land surveyor at the right time can start your property venture off with a big win.

Our client engaged us to survey a rural property they were considering purchasing. We conducted a Title Re-establishment Survey (Boundary Survey) on the property to review the title and check the boundaries.

As per the title, the rear boundary of the property in question was a natural river. The title had been created nearly a century prior and had plotted the course of the river in 1920. Our survey revealed that over time, the course of the river had shifted inward, reducing the size of the property slightly.

Using this information and our advice, the client was able to demonstrate that the advertised property size and value did not match the actual boundaries outlined in the title. He was able to negotiate for a significant reduction in price because he had accurate and up to date knowledge of the property he was purchasing.

Our survey fee was covered 100x over by his price reduction and we were satisfied to see our client confident and happy with his new property.

How can we help?

If you are purchasing a new property and want to be sure you understand your title and know your boundaries, give Sam and team at Linear Land Surveying(Melbourne land surveyors) a call on 9873 8888, or email for more information and help.

The information on this website is intended to be general in nature and is not personalised land development advice. It does not take into account your specific objectives, land development site or financial situation. Before acting on any information, you should consider the appropriateness of the information provided and seek more specific advice from the professional team at Linear Land Surveying


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