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What is a Feature & Level Survey? A Feature & Level Survey is often the first point of call for any land development project. They are an essential tool used by homeowners, property developers, engineers, architects, and local council. Feature & Level Surveys provide a detailed view of the existing site conditions of your property. […]

If you have ever owned a property and have undertaken any sort of development on that property, you’ve probably been told, “you need to talk to a surveyor”. The key question is always, “what type of surveyor do you really need?” Many people will confuse land surveyors and building surveyors, given we work in the […]

Have you been hitting the weekend inspections and auctions hoping to find a potential property for subdivision? Do you know which properties make for the best subdivision projects? Be sure to check out our helpful hints below so you can choose the right property for your subdivision project.   When choosing a property for subdivision, […]

Buying a new home or property can be one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life. In this excitement, many new property owners will often forget to complete a vital step in the purchasing process – the Title Re-establishment Survey. Having your new property’s title re-established by a licensed land surveyor is crucial […]

Are you building a new home, extending on your property or undertaking a multi-unit residential or commercial development? Does your builder use a land surveyor to mark the setout of the new building? This is always a crucial question to ask of your builder before construction begins. What is a setout? A setout is the […]