Choosing the Right Surveyor

Did you know that not all land surveyors are the same?

It might surprise you to know that land surveyors can hold a broad range of qualifications. Qualification levels include on-the-job learning, TAFE diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and industry licensing.

Because of this, not all land surveyors are licensed to carry out the breadth of land surveys you may need in your land development project.

Only Licensed Surveyors can carry out the full range of land surveys.

What is Licensed Surveyor?

A Licensed Surveyor is a specialist in their field.

A Licensed Surveyor is a graduate of a relevant tertiary degree who has undertaken a Professional Training Agreement under the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria.

These Professional Training Agreements are completed over a series of years and result in the licensing and registration of the surveyor (think chartering for accountants or PLT programs for lawyers). Licensed Surveyors pay a yearly fee to be registered and maintain their status by participating in professional learning each year.

There are approximately only 300 practicing Licensed Surveyors in the state of Victoria! That means there are fewer licensed surveyors than there are anaesthetists!

When do I need a Licensed Surveyor?

You require a Licensed Surveyor when you want to:

  • Know where the boundaries of your property are.
  • Build on or near your boundaries.
  • Claim title to land under adverse possession.
  • Subdivide your property.
  • Create an easement over your property.
  • Establish a building strata development.

While non-licensed surveyors may be able to perform a construction Set-Out or Feature & Level Survey, only a Licensed Surveyor can perform surveys in relation to your boundaries.

In fact, any non-licensed surveyor who undertakes a boundary survey is liable for prosecution. As the activity is deemed illegal, all survey documents produced by such a survey have no legal standing.

We recommend finding a Licensed Surveyor for all your surveying needs. They approach your survey with the highest education, specialised professional knowledge and the most experience in the industry.

How can we help?

Sam Brewin, Director of Linear Land Surveying, has been a Licensed Surveyor since 2016 and leads his team of qualified surveyors with confidence and expertise. Sam is also supervising the Professional Training Agreement of our Survey Leader, Jordan, who is on track to become Linear’s second Licensed Surveyor.

Contact our team on 9873 8888, or email for more information and help with your land survey needs.



The information on this website is intended to be general in nature and is not personalised land development advice. It does not take into account your specific objectives, land development site or financial situation. Before acting on any information, you should consider the appropriateness of the information provided and seek more specific advice from the professional team at Linear Land Surveying.


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