Set-out Surveys: Guaranteeing success for your next construction project

 What is Set-out Survey?

A Set-out Survey accurately marks out the location of critical points in a construction or building project. These critical points could include the walls, specific design features, levels, and corners of a proposed build.

More simply, it is the accurate transfer of information from the proposed plan to the ground. Set-out Surveys allow builders to accurately follow the plan throughout the construction process.

Why are Set-out Surveys so important?

  1. Staying inside property boundaries

Having a qualified surveyor set-out your construction project can ensure that your design is confidently marked out within your legal title boundaries, as planned.

If you are building on or near a boundary, precision is essential to avoid costly legal challenges and potential rebuilds.

Engaging a surveyor to complete a Title Re-establishment during the design phase will also ensure that your project design fits within your boundaries.

  1. Reflecting the Approved Plan

By accurately setting-out your approved plan, you can feel more confident that your final inspections will run smoothly.

It is important that your builder replicates the approved plans. Any variation can result in Occupancy Permits or Certificates of Final Inspections being withheld.

  1. Identifying design flaws

During a Set-out Survey, your surveyor will place physical marks on the ground to identify the key points in your build.

With this visual representation of the design on the building site, any potential design flaws can be more readily identified and solved before construction begins.  

  1. Avoiding disputes and mistakes

Having clearly marked points and grids helps the range of contractors working on your site to accurately carry out your build.

The marked points help all contractors to understand the design and execute it with more confidence. Similarly, any potential mistakes can be quickly identified and rectified before they become too costly.

Trusting a Licensed Land Surveyor for your Set-out Surveys

A Set-out Survey should be completed by an experienced land surveyor who has expert knowledge of the process and technology used to ensure precise measurements.

A land surveyor uses a Total Station machine, equipped with EDM measurement, to ensure millimetre accuracy when setting out your build.

Ensuring your Set-out is correct is the best way to start your build with confidence and avoid costly building delays and legal disputes.

How can we help?

If you need a Construction Set-out Survey, Give Sam and team at Linear Land Surveying(Melbourne land surveyors) a call on 9873 8888, or email for more information and help.

The information on this website is intended to be general in nature and is not personalised land development advice. It does not take into account your specific objectives, land development site or financial situation. Before acting on any information, you should consider the appropriateness of the information provided and seek more specific advice from the professional team at Linear Land Surveying.



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