Solving Boundary Disputes

At times, finding the legal boundary between your neighbour’s property and your own can become tense.

Even the most established neighbours can end up in a legal dispute over boundary claims.

Once of Australia’s most famous incidents was the boundary dispute between Victoria and South Australia.

Due to the human error of several early explorers and surveyors, the declared border between Victoria and South Australia (which was to be the 141st Degree Meridian) was marked on the ground incorrectly.

This error saw both states enter a 75-year legal dispute which saw the forfeiture of more than 1,300 km2 of territory from South Australia to Victoria.

Luckily, modern surveyors rely on more advanced technology and can accurately identify and mark your boundary with precision.

While a land surveyor will not be able to mediate or submit a disputed boundary claim, a licensed surveyor can perform a Title Re-Establishment (or Boundary Survey). This survey will provide an accurate plan of the property boundaries and outline where the fence has, and should have, been placed.

Depending on the size of your property, most Title Re-Establishment Surveys can be carried out in half a day to a day. Your licensed surveyor will then complete a survey plan and will be able to provide expert advice and guidance on your disputed boundary.

Involving a surveyor can be the fastest way to get the answers you need to settle a boundary dispute and avoid the costly fees and emotional stress of a legal dispute.

How can we help?

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