At Linear Land Surveying Pty Ltd, we’re here to help get your land development project off to a great start. Our qualified staff bring over three decades of experience to ensure you receive professional advice, precise measurements and spatial data on whatever piece of land you want to develop. With offices in Vermont and Taggerty, we’re equipped to service Melbourne and surrounds.

Employing modern survey equipment, Linear Land Surveying are dedicated to producing high-quality services and survey plans in various digital formats. Members of Consulting Surveyors Victoria and of the Institution of Surveyors, delivering efficient results is our first priority.

We deliver exceptional results for our clients, specialising in Feature and Level Surveys, Re-establishment of Title Surveys, Site Analysis Surveys, Subdivision, Application Surveys as well as a broad range of Other Specialist Surveys and Services.

Our experience within the industry gives us the ability and the skills to accomodate for all of your land development needs. Contact one of our experienced and qualified staff members today to get started with your project.


Somerville Road
Somerville Road

Somerville Road, Brooklyn – 43 Lot Commercial Subdivision 

This 43 lot industrial subdivision was split into 2 x stages. The first stage (now completed) comprised of 24 warehouses, with stage 2 now currently at Council.

Staging your development can create an effective way of managing sales, cashflow as well as both servicing and construction costs throughout a project. Speak to us here at Linear Land Surveying about how we can help make your next development as efficient as possible.

Balmoral Front
Balmoral Bathroom
Balmoral Bathroom Side View
Balmoral Bedroom
Balmoral Kitchen
Balmoral Living Room
Balmoral Plans

Balmoral Project

Balmoral underwent a 23 Lot Residential Subdivision. Subdivision is the process of creating individual land titles, to enable their separate sales. We offer a variety of land surveying and development services and can guide you through the entire subdivision process from start to end.

Wattletree Exterior
Wattletree Kitchen
Wattletree Bedroom
Wattletree ensuite
Wattletree Living Area
Wattletree courtyard
Wattletree balcony
Wattletree plans
WattleTree Plans

232 Wattletree Project

Wattletree underwent a Re-establishment of Title Survey, which is necessary when the property boundary needs to be re-defined. The property received a 17 Lot Residential Subdivision, enabling their separate sales. A Drainage and Pit Detail Survey was also conducted to ensure that the property was set up and constructed efficiently.

Lilydale Grove
Lilydale Grove Plan

Lilydale Grove Project

Lilydale Grove received a Re-establishment of Title Survey, as well as a Boundary Plan Application. A Feature / Level and Site Analysis Survey was also conducted to accurately assess the existing site conditions. The property was also Subdivided, with a 79 Lot Apartment Subdivision.

Chambers Street
Chambers Street Plan

Chambers Street Development – South Yarra

The Chambers Street Development underwent an Initial Feature / Level Survey for design purposes. A Re-establishment of Title was conducted as well as a Boundary Plan Application, to remove title uncertainty. The Property was Subdivided, with a 7 Lot Formal Plan of Subdivision.

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