Site Analysis Surveys are also called ResCode SurveysSite Descriptions, and Site Context Plans. These are often required as part of the subdivision process.

For some town planning applications, council will require a survey that displays all of the properties within a minimum of a 50-meter radius of the proposed developments. The Site analysis plans provided help town councils ensure that any proposed development suit the existing neighbourhood character/layout. Linear Land Surveying supply site analysis surveys across greater Melbourne, allowing our clients gain approval from the appropriate authority for any development projects. This survey is usually completed as an addition to the Title Re-establishment & Feature / Level Survey Plan

Site Analysis Plans provide information with respect clause 56 of Council Planning Schemes:

  • Roof Information of building/dwellings
  • Building/dwelling details and vehicle access points along the street
  • Fencing types and heights
  • Building/dwelling setback information
  • Proximity to nearby public open space, community & recreational facilities, schools, local shops & public transport
  • Individual house photos

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