Redefine Your Property Boundaries With Title Re-Establishment Survey

A re-establishment survey is done when a lot or property boundary needs to be redefined.

Re-establishment surveys are necessary when the accurate location of your title position is required. In Victoria, a Title Re-establishment can only be performed by a Licensed Surveyor. See below for some examples of these situations where Title Re-establishment surveys are required:

  • A title re-establishment should be viewed as a site constraint just as a large tree in the front yard may be. When designing as part of a land development venture, the existing fence locations in relation to title boundaries are vital when assessing the site constraints. It may not always be possible to build on the boundary!
  • Are you building a new fence? Do you believe there has been an unlawful encroachment onto your land/property? Do you need help with fencing disputes?
  • Re-establishment of title can be an important due diligence step when you’re buying property to verify site conditions compared to title dimensions.

In any situation, our title re-establishment survey can establish the boundaries of your property based on accurate, professional measurements incorporated with historical data.

Linear land surveying can use our expertise to identify any problems regarding titles, provide a detailed Re-establishment plan that indicated any issues. We can also provide you with expert advice on any further steps you should take regarding your property rights.

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