Title Re-Establishment Survey

A Title Re-establishment Survey is completed when the precise location of a lot or property’s boundaries need to be determined. 

Title Re-establishment Surveys can not only accurately locate title boundaries, but can also identify any encumbrances, easements, or restrictions on your title. 

A Title Re-establishment Survey can be required for the following:

  • To re-establish or identify a property’s boundaries for sale or purchase.
  • To assist in the resolution of boundary disputes with abutting properties. 
  • To assist with new development or construction on or near the property boundaries. 
  • As part of the Subdivision process. 

In Victoria, a Title Re-establishment can only be performed by a Licensed Surveyor.

Trust the professional team at Linear Land Surveying today to complete an accurate Title Re-establishment Survey for your property. Our team will draw on their wealth of experience to provide expert advice on any further steps you should take regarding your property rights.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Boundary Survey and a Title Re-establishment Survey?

You may have been told you need to engage a surveyor for a Boundary Survey of your property. You can rest assured that a Boundary Survey is just another name for a Title Re-establishment Survey. These surveys determine the precise location of a lot or property’s boundaries.

Who can perform a Title Re-Establishment survey?

In Victoria, only a Licensed Land Surveyor can conduct a Title Re-Establishment Survey. You can make sure your land surveyor is registered by checking the Register of Licensed Land Surveyors, Victoria. Contact the team at Linear Land Surveying, led by licensed surveyor, Sam Brewin, to get started on your Title Re-Establishment Survey today.

Can my conveyancer check the title of a new purchase instead of a surveyor?

Your conveyancer is an important member of your property development team. The primary role of a conveyancer is to carry out the legal transfer of property titles. Whilst undertaking the property transaction process, conveyancers can conduct title searches, and some may be able to outline any information listed on that title.

However, only a Licensed Surveyor can conduct a Title Re-establishment Survey to determine the boundaries of a property. We recommend contacting the team at Linear Land Surveying, who have over 30 years of experience surveying property boundaries and reading the specifics of property titles, so we can assist you in outlining boundaries, identifying easements and encumbrances, and finding creative solutions to aid in your land development needs.

Should I get a Title Re-establishment done when I am purchasing a new property?

Buying a new property can be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. This is why we at Linear Land Surveying recommend taking the time to complete a Re-Establishment Survey on your property before completing the purchase. A Re-establishment survey will:

  • Ensure that the land described in the title being transferred matches the dimensions of the parcel of land being bought and sold.
  • Assist in identifying any existing encroachments that may lead to future boundary disputes and adverse possession claims.
  • Confirm if future development opportunities, such as extensions or subdivisions, are possible without encumbrances.

Engaging with a surveyor to complete this work will ease your mind and ensure you are making the purchase that is right for you. 

Can I ask for a Re-establishment survey on a property I am planning to buy? (i.e. A property that I do not own yet.)

With the consent of the current property owner, you can have a Re-establishment Survey conducted on a property you are intending to buy. We recommend including this condition in your contract of sale to ensure you can complete a Re-establishment Survey before the closure of sale. Contact the team at Linear Land Survey who will be happy to guide you through this simple process.

When else might I need to engage a surveyor to complete a Re-establishment survey?

You might have already had a Title Re-Establishment Survey completed on your property at the time of purchase. This is good practice when purchasing property.

 Did you know that you can also utilise a Title Re-Establishment Survey at other times? Linear Land Surveying recommends getting an up-to-date Title Re-Establishment Survey for the below:

  • Neighbour disputes – are you experiencing a boundary dispute with your neighbour? This can be a stressful and emotional time for any homeowner. Having a Title Re-Establishment Survey completed by a licensed surveyor can provide the latest, highly accurate data and give you certainty over your boundary.
  • Before a new build or extension – when building on or near a boundary, it is mandatory to get a Title Re-Establishment Survey completed. This could be triggered when building a new home or extensions close to the boundary, or when erecting a shed or installing a pool.
  • When building a new fence – if you are building a new boundary fence, you should engage a surveyor to complete a Title Re-Establishment Survey. This will ensure your fence is placed in the correct location based on your title.
  • Before completing a subdivision.
How long does it take to receive the Survey Plan from a Title Re-establishment Survey?

Once our team has been onsite to survey your property, you can expect your Title Re-establishment Survey Plan to be prepared and presented to you within 3-5 business days.

Need help with Title Re-establishment Surveys? 

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