Title Re-Establishment Survey

A Title Re-establishment Survey is completed when the precise location of a lot or property’s boundaries need to be determined. 

Title Re-establishment Surveys can not only accurately locate title boundaries, but can also identify any encumbrances, easements, or restrictions on your title. 

A Title Re-establishment Survey can be required for the following:

  • To re-establish or identify a property’s boundaries for sale or purchase.
  • To assist in the resolution of boundary disputes with abutting properties. 
  • To assist with new development or construction on or near the property boundaries. 
  • As part of the Subdivision process. 

In Victoria, a Title Re-establishment can only be performed by a Licensed Surveyor.

Trust the professional team at Linear Land Surveying today to complete an accurate Title Re-establishment Survey for your property. Our team will draw on their wealth of experience to provide expert advice on any further steps you should take regarding your property rights.

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