Subdivision Projects

Subdivision is the process of creating individual titles for land parcels, units, apartments, shops, and commercial and industrial buildings, to enable their separate sale. 

As directed in council planning schemes, the majority of subdivisions require a planning permit, and all require a licensed surveyor to certify the plans. There are certain subdivisions that are exempt from the need for a planning permit.

The subdivision process can be a complicated one. Dealing with council planning schemes, provisions and referral authorities can seem daunting. Linear Land Surveying offers a variety of land surveying and development services to guide you through the entire subdivision process from beginning to end. 

Our licensed and qualified team has a vast range of experience in:

  • Land Subdivision ranging from 2 – 500 lot residential subdivisions.
  • Multi-staged residential and industrial subdivision projects.
  • Small and large building subdivisions, ranging from dual-occupancies to high-rise buildings.
  • Planning Submissions, Clause 56 Design Response and related matters.
  • Project Management for subdivision development.

If you’re looking for experienced, professional project management for your subdivision development, Linear Land Surveying will provide you with expert advice and ensure that your project runs smoothly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can subdivide land in Victoria?

A licensed land surveyor is required to complete a subdivision in Victoria. Local councils will require a licensed surveyor to first complete a land survey and prepare the plan of subdivision before certification. Get in touch with the licensed surveyors at Linear Land Surveying for help with your subdivision project.

What are benefits of subdividing your property?

There can be many benefits in subdividing a property. Subdivision can establish an additional asset for your property portfolio. It can also provide for greater flexibility in your assets, allowing you to sell or rent a new dwelling. Subdivision can increase your equity and generate profit by activating any undeveloped land. Speak with the helpful team at Linear Land Surveying to determine whether subdivision is the right decision for your land development project.

How do I choose the right block of land for subdivision and development?

When choosing a property for subdivision, it is important to keep the following in mind to ensure you maximise your development’s potential:

  • Check for street access – corner blocks are great for subdivision as they allow for easier access to dwellings and street frontage for developed properties.
  • Check the slope of the land – land that is relatively level or has a minimal slope makes for the most cost-effective subdivision projects.
  • Check for natural features – land that is unencumbered by large trees and native vegetation is preferrable as these can be protected by local Council regulations.
  • Take note of your local council – some local councils have minimum lot size guidelines and zoning regulations which will impact your development options.
  • Complete a title review – before purchasing a property for subdivision, it is crucial that the title is reviewed to ensure there are no council easements or overlays which can hinder the subdivision process.
  • Contact the team at Linear Land Surveying today to discuss the subdivision potential of your property.
How do I know if my land is suitable for subdivision?

Contact the friendly team at Linear Land Surveying who will be happy to help you review your property’s title to assess for size and slope suitability. They will also review local council regulations and determine whether there are any council easements or overlays listed on your title. Identifying these features early can be crucial to the financial success and viability of your land development project.

What is the minimum land size for subdivision in Victoria?

There is no one minimum lot size requirement in Victoria and requirements differ from property to property. It is important to take note of other regulations council may place on a property, including zoning, minimum open space, set back distance, and density requirements. We recommend touching base with the professionals at Linear Land Surveying who will ensure your project meets development requirements.

Is there a minimum size recommendation for new titles?

Recommendations for land size for new titles will differ based on the current and intended use for the land being developed and local council zoning and regulation requirements. We recommend touching base with the team at Linear Land Surveying to ensure advice is specific to your development project.

What is the average size block of land in Melbourne?

The average property size varies from suburb to suburb. We recommend chatting with the professionals at Linear Land Surveying when subdividing your property. It is important to consider additional factors when determining lot size, such as the current and intended use for the land being developed and local council zoning and regulation requirements. Whilst we recommend seeking individual advice for your project, the Australia Bureau of Statistics (2020) found that Melbournians are increasingly building bigger houses on smaller blocks. From 2005 to 2020, the average site area for new house approvals trended down with sizes reducing by 134 square metres, or a 22% reduction in area. Simultaneously, the average floor size of new build approvals across this same 15-year span increased in Melbourne by 23 square metres, or 10%.

How long can the subdivision process take in Victoria?

Subdividing a property is a complex process. In Victoria, the subdivision process can take on average between 6-12 months. Contact Linear Land Surveying today to hear more about how we can guide you through this process.

What are the steps for subdividing a property in Victoria?

The subdivision process can be complex and differ slightly from development to development. Therefore, it is important to engage a licensed land surveyor to assist you in completing a subdivision project. Contact the team at Linear Land Surveying who will guide you through the general steps for subdivision below:

  • Title Search – Linear Land Surveying will work with you and your title to plan your subdivision and liaise with council to determine any regulations and requirements that may be placed on your property.
  • Subdivision Survey & Plan – Linear Land Surveying will carry out a survey of your property and prepare a plan of subdivision that meets your development goals and satisfies council requirements.
  • Council Certification – Linear Land Surveying will submit the plan of subdivision to council for certification. Council will review the plan and refer it to any relevant authorities.
  • Title Lodgement – Once certified by council, Linear Land Surveying will forward your plan to Land Victoria where your lawyer or conveyancer will prepare and lodge other relevant documents.

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