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The Feature & Level Survey is commonly completed at the same time as the Title Re-establishment survey providing the client with a significant saving.  

Before starting any land development project in Melbourne, the necessary first step in the process is the completion of a feature and levels survey to accurately assess the existing site conditions. Depending on the scale of the project, Feature and levels Surveys may be required as part of any Planning or building permit application.

What do our Feature and Level surveys Show:

  • Spot levels and contours over the site.
  • Significant features and visible services over the site.
  • Significant trees (including trunk/canopy size) over the site and near site boundaries.
  • Location of existing site building, garage/sheds including a floor level and levels on eaves, ridges, gutters etc..
  • Location, type and height of all boundary fences or walls
  • Location of directly adjoining buildings including set-backs and levels on eaves, ridges, parapets, gutters etc..
  • Location of overlooking windows within 9m of site boundaries including head and sill heights and noting if they are habitable/non habitable.
  • Location of neighboring buildings within 9m including gutter and roof heights.
  • Road details including natures strip detail, visible services & crossovers directly in front of the site
  • Establishment of a TBM on or near the site
  • Survey connection to the nearest registered Australian Height Datum (AHD) bench mark.

Feature and levels survey provides a detailed view of the existing site conditions of the subject site, locating all topographical features of the property, as well as details of adjoining properties and the street. Our Feature and Level Surveys have to have a sufficient level of detail for local councils and town planners to accurately assess the potential impact of any changes to the property.  We can tailor our survey to suit your specific design needs.

Councils, town planners, architects and building designers use Feature Level Surveys to see a whole range of factors when assessing what’s possible regarding design, construction or any land subdivisions.

Linear land surveying prides itself on the detailed, cost-effective Feature and Level Surveys, utilising the best available contemporary surveying technology. Call us to day to receive your free no obligation quote.

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