Linear Land Surveying provides a broad range of other specialist surveys and services.

Construction & Building Setouts

Before a development site is built we can work with your builder to mark gridlines or building corners based on design and construction plans. We would recommend completing a Title of Re-establishment Survey at the same time to ensure there are no fencing encroachments/issues that might affect the design layout – or any setback issues on the subject site and neighbouring properties.

Drone Surveying & Aerial Photography

Linear’s Mavic 2 Pro survey drone is equipped to complete drone surveying of complex sites where traditional surveying methods may not be practical. The survey drone can produce 3D point clouds of the survey area or high resolution ortho imagery. Give us a call to see if the Survey Drone suits your project’s needs.

Flood Level Surveys (AHD Surveys)

Linear Land Surveying can provide detailed, cost-effective Flood Level Surveys determining the height of a given area of land in relation to the Australian Height Datum (AHD). 

GPS Surveys

We are equipped with all of the latest tools and technology in the field of GPS surveying. This ensures that we can perform the absolute best work possible on behalf of all our clients.  Modern equipment allows GPS surveyors to detail a landscape to an incredible degree of accuracy.  GPS surveying equipment triangulates the exact location of the receiver to within 2cm.

Quarry Surveys

Linear Land Surveying has experience in completing engineering surveys such as quarry surveys. When excavating a quarry or determining stockpile volumes we can be onsite help you accurately determine the volume of materials.

Lease Area Surveys

Linear Land Surveying are happy to provide Lease Plans computed for Gross Lettable Areas (GLA’s) and Net Lettable Areas (NLA’s) of shopping centres, retail spaces, industrial warehouses & commercial offices. These Lease Plans are surveyed and computed with respect to both the Retail Tenancies Act 1998 and the property Council of Australia Method of Measurement guidelines 2008.

School and Park Surveys

Are you thinking about building or renovating a school or park in your community? Linear Land Surveying can survey the property to help you plan out your project and ensure that it runs smoothly.

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