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Subdividing your property is an exciting venture for any property owner. However, the process can become a complex and drawn-out one. If this is your first subdivision, navigating council requirements, local service authorities and contractors can be challenging. However, with a good understanding of the general process and the help of your land surveyor, your […]

Have you been hitting the weekend inspections and auctions hoping to find a potential property for subdivision? Do you know which properties make for the best subdivision projects? Be sure to check out our helpful hints below so you can choose the right property for your subdivision project.   When choosing a property for subdivision, […]

Subdivision is the process of creating individual titles for land parcels, units, apartments, shops and commercial and industrial buildings to enable their separate sale. Every subdivision must comply with the requirements of the local planning scheme. The first step in the subdivision process is to assess if the Town Planning Controls allow for subdivision in […]