How to Subdivide Your Block

Subdivision is the process of creating individual titles for land parcels, units, apartments, shops and commercial and industrial buildings to enable their separate sale.

Every subdivision must comply with the requirements of the local planning scheme. The first step in the subdivision process is to assess if the Town Planning Controls allow for subdivision in the area. At Linear Land Surveying, we have a wealth of experience with dealing with a range of Councils across Victoria.

In most instances, councils will not approve an inner city residential subdivision application unless the site has an approved Development or Town Planning Permit. In order to obtain a Development Permit, a licensed land surveyor will need to undertake an existing site conditions survey and forward this data to your designer/architect to begin the design process.


The purpose of the Development or Town Planning Permit is to demonstrate that any new development meets the requirements of Council’s Planning Scheme, in particular, Clause 55 and that designs are in line with current urban design principles. The permit process is not limited to, but considers the development proposal with respect to:


  • Building heights and setbacks from boundaries
  • Impact on adjoining properties in relation to overshadowing and overlooking/privacy constraints
  • Car parking requirements for new and existing dwellings
  • Private outdoor spaces for the existing and proposed dwellings
  • Impact on adjoining properties vegetation


Once the Town Planning/Development Permit has been issued and plans endorsed by Council, we draw the formal plan of subdivision so you can apply for a Planning Permit to Subdivide and Formal Certification of the Subdivision. Council will assess the subdivision application and issue the Planning Permit for subdivision.


The permit will contain conditions from both Council and Servicing Authorities that must be met before Council will issue Statement of Compliance for the Plan of Subdivision.


In certain situations, some conditions in the planning permit can be deferred through the use of a Section 173 Agreement.


Upon receiving a Statement of Compliance, a conveyancer will need to register the plan of the subdivision at Land Registry, along with our formal survey documentation to receive your new titles.


Linear Land Surveying are Licensed Surveyors who are experts in the subdivision process and can assist you in every step of the way.

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